Each piece is an original Lucas Devlin creation, hand made with local grasses and leaves. No two are identical, and each is individually hand signed. Each piece can be created with the aesthetic pleasure and satisfaction of its owner in mind or personalized with your name, for weddings or ceremonies. The pieces are safe to eat and drink from, dishwasher and microwave safe.



































This pottery style was invented by Marie Devlin in the late 1960s and was in such high demand in Colorado gift shops that her sons John and Fred, his wife, Linda, and her daughter, Kathy, were taught how to produce the pottery and were engaged full time for many years with client shops from the Midwest to Texas and California. Marie passed away in the early 80s. Fred passed away a few years ago. Linda stopped making pottery in the late 70s. Kathy has done very little pottery the past dozen years.





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